Sep 24

[Cheat Sheet] All About Lean Protein

By HL | Nutrition

Q: What are the sources of lean protein? Q: What does protein do? Q: Why should I be eating more lean protein? Q: So how much should I be eating then? Protein is not just for the body builders or gym goers. Getting sufficient protein can also help in weight loss and prevent late-night binge […]

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Sep 09

[Cheat Sheet] All About Starchy Carbs

By HL | Nutrition

Q: What are starchy carbohydrates? Q: Do we actually need carbs? Q: So how much carbs should I be eating then? Follow the suggestions below if you’re looking to lose weight, and aren’t particularly physically active at the moment. If you’re interested to learn more, check out our other posts where we discuss whether carbs […]

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Jul 21

Do you eat till you’re FULL? Read this first.

By Glo | Nutrition

“Do you feel full? No? Eat more then.” Well-meaning parents always want their children to be full and satisfied after a meal. The hosts of a party like to make sure that their guests leave without space in their bellies for even a single round of after-party drinks. But, is feeling full really the right indicator for us […]

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