Fitness & Nutrition
for the Lazy Joe & Foodie Jane

After a couple years of advising fitness and nutrition the traditional "mainstream" way, we ultimately decided...

"Enough is enough!"

When some people hear that we are health and lifestyle coaches, the expression on their face almost tells us that they want to hide the donut that they're holding in their hands.

They think that we are some kind of nutrition cops, ready to reprimand junk food eaters on sight.

But being foodies, and the occasional lazy bums when it comes to working out, that is far from the truth.

The fitness and nutrition industry is filled with false expectations: flawless gym selfies, delicious-looking raw salads, heart pumping 5 minute workouts that will get you lean like a model.

"If you can't convince them, confuse them" seems to be the modus operandi. Everyone's shouting:


Yet here we are, a human race more overweight than ever. Why? Because the answer to living a strong, healthy and lean life is as low-tech as it gets.

The secret? 3 simple rules, and a lot of common sense.

Our 3 Magic Rules

1. Eat a variety of mostly whole foods

There are plenty of fads in the world of nutrition. Eat this, but don't eat this, this, this and that.

But the truth is, you can eat ALL kinds of food and still be healthy and lean. 

We ourselves eat "junk" food too because they can be so darn tasty, but our diet is still made up of MOSTLY natural whole foods.

Unfortunately, most folks' diets are the opposite: mostly processed food, with the occasional whole food mixed into it.

2. Move your body and enjoy doing so

To most people, exercise is akin to sending their car for servicing; they wouldn't bother if it's avoidable. 

And to make matters worse, let's face it, going to the gym can be a pretty boring affair.

But there's much more to exercise than moving weights from point A to point B repetitively.

So, we stopped going to the gym, and now our workouts are incredibly fun!

3. Don't overthink things (use common sense)

This last rule may may change your life. 

It's funny how we seek the latest and fanciest information that MAYYY improve our health marginally, but completely ignore our foundation.

Nutrition and exercise science is fantastic, but leave all the worrying and fretting over the smallest details to the scientists.

Just stick to the basics if you simply want to be healthy, strong and lean.



1. things that are worth thinking about
2. and there's nothing worth thinking about, more than health (and family)



When Glo's dad was admitted into an ICU for heart disease, he started Thoughtworthy with the mission to show that living a strong and healthy life can, and should be a very simple, uncomplicated thing.

Glo knows what it's like trying to stay in shape as a lazy person (because he's the biggest lazy bum out there). A lack of discipline and a short attention span turned out to be a gift, as he has formulated strategies that have helped many folks get in shape in a fun and efficient way.

  • Chief Philosopher of Fitness and Nutrition
  • Head of Playful Movement


When HL first started reading up on nutrition, it was because she loved to eat. When on vacation, it didn't matter to her if she had to scale mountains or walk on fire, as long as the food was good.

Just like other women, she wanted to look good too. Figuring out how to embrace all the tasty temptations in the world while staying healthy was her goal, and now she wants to share with the world what she has learnt.

  • Chief Foodie (alternative title: Chief Glutton)
  • Head of Food Experimentation

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