5 Ways to Self-Massage with a Tennis Ball

By HL | Fitness

Apr 11

Tight, stiff or sore muscles?

For those of us who sit in front of the computer for long hours in poor posture, we may get an uncomfortable tightness in our neck, shoulders and back area. And for ladies who love high heels, the feet is another area where you’ll feel the ache.

Everybody loves a good massage to relieve the pain, but it’s (usually) not something we can afford the time and money to indulge in every day. Here’s how to do an effective self massage at home, even without a helpful spouse… with the help of balls!

Before you begin, keep in mind these 2 tips:

TIP #1: You should be working on the meaty area of your body. Put pressure on your muscles, not your bones!

TIP #2: When you find a spot that’s particularly tender, it’s most likely a trigger point. Apply pressure on that spot and hold there for as long as you like (~30s is a safe bet) for the best results.

1. For Tired Feet

Level Up:

2. For Tight Glutes

Level Up:

3. For Back Pain

Before you begin, use an old sock to hold two tennis balls together.

Once that’s done, you’ll be ready to get your back massaged!

4. For Sore Neck

For this massage, we’ll be using 2 tennis balls which are held together with a sock as seen in #3.

Level Up:

5. For Stiff Shoulders

Level Up:

We really love this cheap and effective method to self-massage. It can get pretty painful sometimes, but we ALWAYS feel so good and relaxed after a session. Try it for yourself and leave a comment below to let us know how it went for you!


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